1330 Niagara Falls Blvd. 2nd Floor Tonawanda, NY 14150

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Sam Giambattista is an outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright and with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge

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Personal Training

Cardio and interval Programs and custom weight training programs

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Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehab and myofascial release therapy

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Nutrition Planning

Customized weight management, nutritional and weight loss plans

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Sam has been able to create personal, achievable, and consistent results for me through positive motivation and his own passion to drive others to reach their potential. He was able to train me to my goal weight and body fat percentage. “Can’t” is not in Sam’s vocabulary. Not only is Sam personable and motivational, he also possesses the athletic training knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. He has the experience to recognize symptoms and the onset of injuries based on individual client discussions. Sam has since been in an integral resource to my rehabilitation from my injury through massage and various stretching exercises. Without his dedication to his clients, I would not have been able to continue to train, as he had to design workouts around my injury. Sam would be an asset to anyone interested in fitness, as he has both personal and professional determination and discipline. MICHELLE L.

During 14 years of personal training I have yet to experience a more capable fitness program than that guided by Sam. His ability to recognize rehabilitative needs and integrate them into a challenging program has allowed me to far exceed my fitness expectations. His teaching is instinctive, reflected in an ability to read an individual’s physicality. His professionalism and interest in developing programs that optimize participation of his clients are communicated in a physical, rather than verbal manner. Sam is observant and creative in his approach to training and continuously refines sessions to produce results. A Professor Emeritus of Design, I have a deep respect for the authenticity of teaching. It is not learned, but given. SUZANN D.

As someone fairly new to working out, I started a program with two different trainers designed to increase my strength and build muscle. It is fair to say that I got a bit stronger but never really saw the results (meaning visibly physical) that I was looking for. Through a mutual friend, I met Sam and started on a program with him-what a difference! Not only have I gotten stronger but I am actually seeing the results of my effort! I would have to say that in my experience, Sam is the best trainer that I’ve seen. His ability to produce results and his knowledge of the appropriate exercises and corrective measures are tremendous. GREG L.

Sam is an outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright and with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge. The words I kept uttering after our sessions our than “ouch”, were that he is excellent at what he does. He pushed me, both mentally and physically with a balance of encouragement and competitive drive. He knew what buttons to push and he did not hesitate to push them. He introduced me to boxing and for that I shall be forever grateful. Working out with Sam has proven to me that “anyone” can have a firmer, fitter body if they are willing to put in the time and energy. MARY P.