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Injury Rehabilitation

So many people feel great after MFR (Myofascial Release Therapy) and return to their old activities that they did before they had pain, without knowing how to recondition their body. A good trainer understands the progressions that the body needs to go through to return to regular activity and customizes the programs for that level. That is why it is IMPORTANT that a proper program be put in place that will help you reach your goals without injuries or setbacks.

Our programs are specifically designed for those who are in poor condition after being in pain or inactive for some time. It is designed for anyone who is looking for that personal one-on-one guidance and personal attention. If you have never worked out before, or have been unable to workout due to pain, our post-rehab and reconditioning programs are perfect for you. We will help you learn how to perform exercises with good form, using proper progressions so that you avoid any possible injuries. We focus on balance, coordination, strength and flexibility for all ages and conditions.

Sam will design an exercise program that is unique to your condition, lifestyle, and level of fitness. He has designed fitness programs for individuals as young as 12 and as old at 80 and they have had great results without any injuries! We help people who have had knee replacements, hip replacements, etc. Anyone following recent surgeries, illnesses, or injuries must have their doctors release to participate in our fitness programs.

We are there with you every step of the way… progressing based on your level of fitness and goals.